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Injury Cases We Handle

We handle a variety of accident cases, including:

Car Accidents | Godsey Martin P.C.

Car Accidents

With millions of cars on Texas roads, car accidents are the most common personal injury case. Whether you were injured in an accident caused by a distracted driver, a head-on collision, or a vehicle defect, we passionately fight for you. We also handle DUI/DWIs.

Truck Accidents

As major transportation hubs, Dallas and Houston see thousands of truck accidents yearly. From blowouts and overweight trucks to untrained or fatigued truck drivers, our team of experienced accident attorneys can guide you through the complicated legal process.

Motorcycle Accidents | Godsey Martin P.C.

Motorcycle Accidents

Injuries caused by motorcycle accidents tend to be more severe due to the lack of protection of an enclosed vehicle. From injuries caused by unsafe lane changes to broadside collisions, our law firm will get you the compensation you deserve.

Slip and Fall Accidents | Godsey Martin P.C.

Slip & Fall Accidents

Also considered premises liability, slip and falls frequently occur in unsafe or unmanaged building conditions. Injuries suffered in slip & falls can cause long-term debilitating injuries such as a broken hip or slipped disk. Whether you were injured on a stairway in disrepair or slipped on an icy sidewalk, we are dedicated to advocating for your best interests.

Pedestiran Accidents | Godsey Martin P.C.

Pedestrian Accidents

With more than 2,000 automobile accidents involving pedestrians occurring yearly, Texas is one of the most dangerous states for pedestrians. Due to the lack of protection afforded to drivers and motorcyclists, pedestrian injuries are more likely to be life-threatening and result in long-term complications.

Other Accidents

Regardless of your case type, Godsey Martin, PC goes out of our way to make sure each client gets the service and the justice they deserve. Even if you don’t see your type of case listed on our site, please contact us, and we will help you explore your options.

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