DUI/DWI Accidents

Sometimes there is confusion on what to do after you have been hit and hurt by a suspected drunk driver or a driver under the influence of something. There are a few things you can do yourself before hiring an Attorney to ensure you receive the justice you deserve. Following the steps and reading the information below will help, preserve and enhance your potential injury claim.


Once your vehicle is stopped, look around and assess the situation. Make sure that you are ok and others that may be traveling with you are ok. If anyone is injured, call 911 immediately. If you are in an unsafe area of the road, walk away from the scene to ensure you are in a safe place and out of harms way for any other vehicles on the road.


After you assess yourself, it is important to check on the other driver, but interaction with the potential drunk driver should be limited. Avoid confronting or arguing with them. If you feel it is unsafe to talk to them at all, remain at the scene and wait for the police to arrive before confrontation.


Contact the police as soon as possible, especially if you suspect that someone is drunk or under the influence. Do not let anyone try to persuade you to not contact them. You will need to make an accident report and they can help you make the necessary arrangements such as towing, emergency personnel, etc. They will also need to determine if the other driver is under the influence of any kind by performing a sobriety test. Be cooperative with the police, however do not admit any fault. Only stick with facts and describe what you believe happened.


Take photographs and videos of the scene on your personal cellphone. These will be helpful for your case and the best way to graphically demonstrate the crash. Make sure you take these before any of the crash vehicles have been moved or tampered with. Also collect any information from potential witnesses that may have seen what happened.


Call an experienced and trustworthy Attorney to give you a free consultation on your case and ensure that you get the justice you deserve.

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