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Personal Injury Lawyers in Dallas, Texas

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If you’ve been hurt and it was someone else’s fault, we’re here to help. The attorneys at I Just Got Hit (Godsey-Martin P.C.) have been fighting for Dallas injury victims for more than 15 years. We’ve recovered more than $1 billion for injured Texans, and we’re ready to fight for you.

If you’ve been hurt because someone else was careless, the Dallas I Just Got Hit (Godsey Martin, PC) team is here for you. We fight hard for every client, whether that means negotiating the right settlement or arguing your case to a jury. If you’ve been injured in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Grand Prairie, Mesquite, Garland, Irving, Lancaster or the surrounding area, call us today.

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What is a Personal Injury Case?

A personal injury claim is a negligence claim. In legal terms, you have a personal injury claim if someone else had a duty of care, they didn’t live up to it, and you got hurt. In simple terms, you may have a personal injury claim if you got hurt and it was someone else’s fault. Here are some common examples.

•A driver runs a red light and hits a motorcyclist. The motorcyclist is injured. The driver had a responsibility to drive safely and follow traffic laws. They didn’t, and someone got hurt. So, the motorcyclist likely has a personal injury claim against the driver.

•A shopper slips and falls on a wet floor in a store that has just been mopped. There are no signs warning of the slippery floor. The store owner has a responsibility to keep the store safe for customers. They didn’t. So, the customer will likely have a slip and fall personal injury claim against the store.

•A driver who is texting swerves out of their lane and hits another car. The other car hits the concrete barrier and the driver is seriously injured. Texting and driving is negligent. So, the injured driver will likely have a personal injury claim against the texting driver.

Of course, not every case is this simple. The responsible person may tell a different story than you do. They may say the accident was your fault, or try to blame it on someone else. It can be hard to establish liability on your own. Our Dallas personal injury lawyers do it every day. We know exactly what kind of evidence is required, and when to bring in experts.

How Can a Dallas Personal Injury Lawyer Help?

An experienced Dallas personal injury lawyer can help you every step of the way. If you work with one of our injury lawyers, we will:

•Protect you from the insurance company’s shady tactics
•Investigate your case and gather evidence
•Interview witnesses
•Manage deadlines and procedural requirements
•Use a process called discovery to get information from the other side
•Explain the strengths and weaknesses of your case
•Tell you about the types of damages you may receive
•Advise you on how to protect your claim
•Hire and work with experts
•Negotiate with the insurance company’s lawyers
•Prepare for trial
•If it’s right for you, fight for you in court

Most personal injury cases are settled. That means the insurance company agrees to pay a certain amount. Sometimes, settlement is a good way to save time, money and stress. But, not always. The I Just Got Hit team will always do what’s right for you.

Experienced Dallas Personal Injury Lawyers

We built our team from the ground up with one thing in mind: what’s best for our clients. We’ve been serving the Dallas area for more than 15 years, and have helped tens of thousands of injury victims. We’ll fight for the compensation you deserve.

What to Do after a Dallas Accident

If you’re in a Dallas car crash or other accident, check for injuries. If you’re okay, check to see if anyone else is injured and needs help. Call 911 to report the crash and ask for medical help if someone needs it. Then, trade insurance information with the other driver.

There are a few things you can do to help your case, but only if you can do them safely. If you can, take pictures or videos of the cars and the scene. And, get names and numbers from any witnesses.

Don’t be shy about getting medical attention. If a paramedic asks to check you out at the scene, let them. If you think you may be injured, go to the hospital, urgent care, or your own doctor right away. Err on the side of caution, because untreated injuries can get worse. Waiting to see a doctor could mean a longer recovery, or even long-term damage. Getting medical care right away helps your case, too. If you wait, it may be hard to prove you got the injuries in the accident. And, if you make your injuries worse, the insurance company will probably claim they’re not responsible.

After any necessary medical care, write down what you remember about the accident. You might think you’ll never forget, but you will. Having notes will help you answer questions a year or two down the road. Then, call a Dallas injury lawyer.

Our Personal Injury Lawyers are Here for You

The sooner you talk to a personal injury lawyer, the better. You have two years to file a personal injury claim in Texas, but a lot can be lost in that time. Security camera footage of your accident could be erased. Witnesses could move, or forget details of what they saw. When your attorney gets an early start, they’ll have a better chance of gathering important evidence.

Insurance companies give you another good reason to hire an attorney quickly. The insurance carrier doesn’t want to pay you. If they know they must, they want to pay as little as possible. Talking to them is risky. But, an experienced Dallas personal injury lawyer knows how to handle them. Handing off to your attorney is the best way to stay out of their traps.

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