What is the average settlement for a slip and fall accident in Houston?

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What is the average settlement for a slip and fall accident in Houston?

If you’re the victim of a slip-and-fall accident in Houston, it can be helpful to know what to expect in terms of a settlement. No case will look the same, as the settlement amount can vary depending on multiple factors. Below, you can learn what factors typically influence a settlement amount and what an example of a slip-and-fall settlement looks like.

How Much Is the Average Settlement for a Slip-and-Fall Accident in Houston?

The average settlement for a slip-and-fall accident in Houston can vary greatly. It’s common for victims to receive settlements between $15,000 and $45,000. In cases with severe circumstances, a victim may receive an amount of around $100,000 or more so the at-fault party can avoid a costly trial that may damage their reputation. Note that the state of Texas limits the settlement amount for a victim to $250,000. The victim must also file their case within two years of the accident date. Otherwise, your case likely won’t have any basis.

Medical Bills May Affect the Settlement Amount

A slip-and-fall case can cause serious injuries to a victim. These injuries can result in high medical costs even if the victim has health insurance. Some of the most common injuries that occur because of slip-and-fall accidents include:

  • Fractured or broken bones.
  • Spinal cord injuries.
  • Traumatic brain injuries.
  • Lacerations.
  • Internal injuries.

The consequences of these injuries can affect someone for years after the accident occurs. For example, a traumatic brain injury can lead to impaired judgment, aggression problems, confusion, and memory loss. Lacerations, especially those to the face, can be disfiguring and result in emotional trauma. Spinal cord injuries may lead to a loss in mobility or range of motion and often take several months to heal. Internal injuries, like broken ribs or bruised kidneys, may be difficult to diagnose. Serious injuries like these often create the need for emergency or ongoing medical care. Some common health care costs include:

  • Hospital stays.
  • Ambulance rides.
  • Emergency treatment and care.
  • Care from doctors, therapists, and specialists.
  • Prescription medications.
  • Physical therapy.
  • Pain management.
  • Adaptive physical devices like crutches or wheelchairs.
  • Rehabilitation.
  • Home health care services.

It’s also important to consider other factors related to health care costs. For example, you may incur travel costs to seek medical care from a specific provider. If you have to drive to a different city or state to receive medical care after an accident, you’re entitled to compensation. Even if the commute is close, you can still include it as part of your settlement, as you may have to make the trip multiple times depending on the treatment you need.

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Lost Wages May Affect the Settlement Amount

It’s common for victims of slip-and-fall accidents to have to take time off of work. They may need time to recover and return to their previous state of health. During this period, you may be unable to work at all, including generating income from side gigs. When you eventually return to work, the degree of your injuries may prevent you from advancing in your career as you’d previously planned. An attorney can include all these factors as a loss of your earning potential. Lost wages can increase the amount you receive in a slip-and-fall case settlement.

Consider Future Monetary Losses

As you’re planning for a slip-and-fall accident settlement, it’s important to consider future monetary losses and current ones. A Houston slip-and-fall lawyer can help you create a comprehensive list of future monetary losses that you’ll incur following an accident. They can help you present these future monetary losses so that you can have the best possible chance at acquiring all the compensation you deserve. They can also help you obtain the resources you need to recover as fully as possible and maintain your health in the future.

Account for Pain and Suffering in a Slip-and-Fall Case

While some victims may first focus on seeking compensation for their physical injuries, it’s important to account for any emotional distress that you’ve experienced. Being in a slip-and-fall accident can result in psychological distress like increased anxiety, sleep disturbances, and depressive episodes. Even though the costs associated with emotional suffering are more subjective than physical injuries, you should still seek compensation for the distress you endure. Personality changes, mood swings, and self-isolation are other examples of mental suffering that you can seek compensation for in a slip-and-fall settlement.

An Example of a Slip-and-Fall Accident Settlement

Here’s an example of a slip-and-fall accident settlement so that you can understand how one may work:

The Accident

John visited Lion & Champion Groceries to do his weekly grocery shopping. Fifteen minutes before his arrival, the store manager was stocking juice bottles. The store manager dropped one and left the area unattended to get a mop so he could clean up the juice. He got distracted and didn’t return to clean up the mess. While John was shopping, he rounded a corner abruptly to avoid colliding with another customer’s shopping cart. John slipped on the mess that the manager had failed to address.

Injuries and Medical Treatment

An ambulance transported John to the hospital where physicians discovered he’d fractured his hip and needed surgery to repair it. After his surgery, he needed a cane to walk around and required two months of in-home physical therapy to help him recover.

Other Damages

John could not return to his job as a delivery driver for two months, so he experienced some lost wages. He also hired a company to help him with his daily activities. This is because he had trouble standing for long periods to complete chores like dishes and laundry.

The Initial Demand Letter

John’s lawyer helped him compose a demand letter detailing the situation and describing the store manager’s negligence. The lawyer also included witness statements that the spill was present long before John entered the store. The letter totaled all medical costs to $50,000 and added $100,000 for pain and suffering.

The Offer From the Store’s Insurance Company

The store’s insurance company rejected the offer in the letter. It countered with a settlement amount of $110,000. Representatives stated that John’s choice of footwear, which were platform boots, was likely the cause of the fall. They also claimed that there was a caution sign near the spill, so John should’ve exercised more caution. After John’s lawyer further discussed the matter with the insurance company, they were able to agree on a final settlement amount of $130,000.

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